Years ago I was reading in Genesis and came across a most inspiring bio. It’s a short one and belonged to a man named Enoch. Scriptures say he “walked with God.” We don’t know much about him. He was 365 years old and walked with God for 300 of them.

Oh yeah, he also never died. Instead he was taken to heaven…snatched up by God. He was a special man.

A page later in my bible there’s another man who “walked with God.” Noah. He didn’t get snatched up though. But he did get a special boat ride that extended his walk for many more years.

As I read those bios, I decided then and there that if I could craft my own bio in three words I’d like it to say of Jeff Anderson, that he “walked with God.”

Walk with God. It’s pretty basic. But what does that mean? How do we walk with a God we cant see with our eyes, hear with our ears or touch with our hands?

They are the questions I ask myself. They are questions that energize my faith. They’re also the theme of my upcoming book.

I’m still a learner about this “walking with God” idea. I’m learning that as I attempt to walk with God, sometimes it feels like God is right with me.

Other times God’s presence is harder to recognize. Instead I may experience silence… confusion… even despair. Walking with God feels like that sometimes. But we’re to keep on walking and trusting that God is along for the walk too.

When I’m on a walk in my neighborhood (the real kind) and talking to God, I picture Him listening above me. When I pray in the early morning, I imagine God in the room listening. This helps me visualize God’s presence, even though he is invisible.

Sometimes walking with God feels more like running… maybe even like chasing God. I desire a connection so I reach out in new ways. Or maybe I’m going through one of those dull, silent seasons and I’m chasing after whatever I can get…something, anything that feels like a response from God.

And whenever I get that signal from above – that divine applause – I’m reminded that God sees me. And it brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart.

Walking with God. That’s what I desire to do. And it’s my desire to help others walk with God also.

How about you? Do you desire to walk with God?  Come join me… lets walk together.

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