Are you are doing the work that you really want to do?

In the current economical climate, are you able to find a job that suits your skills & interests, or are you doing something you are not passionate about?

Austin also talks about some comments by CNBC analyst Simon Hobbs, regarding the recent election and it’s effect on the job market. He refers to the unemployment rates and how to interpret reports of that variety, as well as how to approach things like unemployment in the church.

Austin also talks to a mother who has an adult son who cannot get employment due to his disability. They discuss ways prepare him, the kinds of work that he can do, and how to connect with people regarding that. He also discusses the role the church should plays in these situations.

He also talks to a former logger from Idaho about the decrease in logging business. They discuss how this forced him to find a new job in a field that he does not enjoy as much, and the question of how access to natural resources effects the job market.

Another discussion resulted in discussions regarding technology and healthcare, a growing field with a huge need for workers to assist with major changes in current healthcare technology. There are options specifically in the technological field, that do not necessarily require training in nursing.

Highlight: Health Technology

He also discusses the small business ownership quiz, which deals with questions relating to the difficulty of owning one’s own business. It asks pertinent questions regarding your motives, finances, and mental constitution which can help you decide whether or not now is the time to pursue small business ownership. You can find the quiz on Austin’s web site here.

Are you doing the work you want to do?

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