Do you want to understand your husband, brother or son’s spiritual needs?

Author David Murrow says our church is struggling mightily in its outreach to men. In his book  , he offers hope and empowering solutions for women to help tackle this problem; ways to dig down and understand men’s spiritual needs, why today’s church doesn’t meet them, and how to successfully point them to God. Find out how to encourage the men in your life through an earnest conversation about faith and the people God created us to be.

Men are designed to be the spiritual leaders of their home, yet today a large majority of men hate going to church where they’re supposed to gain spiritual nutrition. The biggest change since the 1970’s and 1980’s in our churches has been the departure from primarily hymns in worship time to praise and worship choruses. David believes this is a big factor in the church’s struggles to reach men. He says that, whereas hymns offered an imagery for both men and women, the modern praise choruses feature language more geared to women. We have also seen a move in the way the gospel is presented stylistically. We need to let Jesus be Jesus, and to preach the hard things and the soft things. 

There are 3,000 churches a year closing their doors. Is gender a factor in that number?
David shares that the lack of men in church can be a significant predictor of church decline. Some of the most effective churches do not have a men’s ministry program. They focus on getting Sunday morning right.

How can women talk to their men?  How can they develop wisdom in approaching the topic of faith?

Highlight: Sharing faith

David encourages listeners to not be excessive. Try to understand where he’s at and meet him there. One of the best witnesses to men is to allow them to talk issues out and arrive at a place where they’re asking the right questions.

Encouraging the men in your life

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