According to Bill Farrel, “Attraction brings you together. Purpose keeps you together.” What does that look like? Marriage experts Bill and Pam Farrel explore how to keep love, laughter, and faith in your marriage.

Bill shares how coming to Christ shaped his view of life. “I wanted to marry someone who loved Jesus as much as I did. But I also wanted to marry someone I was attracted to. If you’re willing to be courageous and ask the right questions, you’ll be successful.”

Expectations they carried into marriage

“I thought Pam would be proud of me every day of my life.” – Bill

“My dad was very unreliable; I wanted to marry somebody who was very reliable. God did lead me to a man who was very faithful, but that doesn’t mean he always thought my ideas were great. I needed to learn to follow a great leader.” – Pam

Hard work

“The best things in life don’t happen accidentally. We pray over every meal that we share together and we kiss after every one of those prayers.”

Responding to a spouse with a closed heart

“Invite a few stronger believers into our lives; get in a marriage Bible study and learn some new skills for marriage.” Bill offers a few words – don’t consider divorce first. “We tell people to get out way too often and way too soon. Try not to live in reaction to them.”

Rebuilding physical intimacy

“Usually when there’s not physical intimacy, those little things go away too. Take evaluation of your words – maybe you haven’t said anything nice to him for a while. When we change our small actions, it’s kind of amazing how relationships can warm up.” If that doesn’t work, there may be an underlying problem or sexual addiction.

Highlight : Rekindling passion in a “friendly” marriage

A couple’s journey with God

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