It’s a world that’s full of anger—often simmering, sometimes boiling over.  But what’s at the root of our anger? And is there a way to be truly ‘good and angry?’

Pastor, author, and speaker Paul David Tripp tackles the topic and much more as we seek ways to move from selfish and destructive habits to pursuing joy and peace through God’s grace.

“I was an angry man. The problem was I didn’t see myself as angry.” – Paul David Tripp

We don’t just suddenly acquire an anger problem, so how do we get at the root of origin of our struggle with anger?

Paul reflects on the importance of four words from the Bible – “In the beginning, God….” and says that our whole lives need to center around God. He points to the tremendous impact this can have in all areas of our life. Sometimes though, we lose the “awe factor” when it comes to God, becoming what he terms “awe amnesiacs”!

In relation to life’s struggles, we chat about this truth: you can run from relationships, from people & places, but you simply cannot run away from yourself. We discuss the core message of scripture – the person of Jesus – and that in Him we find the grace to be liberated from ourselves and our foibles. Paul explains how we are hardwired for that quest of seeking Him. Yet, in life, we can see the disparity between looking toward the creation or to the Creator.

Paul also passes along four key things to do every morning:

  1. Gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.
  2. Remember what He has done.
  3. Rest – stop beating yourself up.
  4. And now, act! You’re ready to face this broken world.

Highlight: 4 paths to reclaiming “awe”

Don’t let anger ruin your day

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