The Kansas City Chiefs made history on Sunday. Led by Chiefs Chaplain, Phillip Kelley, and in participation with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, they launched the first “Faith and Family Chapel” at Arrowhead Stadium prior to the Chiefs noon home game against the Rams. 

Kelley said, “It was one of the most incredible ministry experiences I’ve ever witnessed.  To our knowledge, this is the first fan’s chapel service of any NFL team!” Kelley said they had a packed house and that people were excited to be there and have a chance to worship. He also said eight people prayed to give their lives to Christ!

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5 Responses to "The Kansas City Chiefs first chapel service"

  • Dennis says:

    So proud of the Chiefs!

    Also, I miss the old “Chief Cornerstone” show KLJC (88.5) use to have on Mondays with Dave Szott (then a Chief’s Guard I believe). just saying… 😉

    1. Melissa says:

      I was just typing a paper about my faith and I was looking up the radio station and “Chief Cornerstone” — when I moved to KC in 1998 I was a brand new believer and Dave Szott played a big role in mentoring me along the way with his show!! I was even blessed to have won the chance to be in the studio audience and had him and Tony Richardson sign my bible! I’ve since moved away, so I’m sad to hear that the show is no longer aired. I was hoping other players would continue it.

  • Joan Sims says:

    This is great to hear. Good things will come of this. I hope other teams follow suit. Our country needs this desparately during a time of fear, turmoil and unrest in our world. Hail to the Chiefs. You are setting a wonderful example for the rest of our nationi

  • Ben Gopkins says:

    I am so grateful to 1st, GOD for having his hand on this. 2nd For such an amazing impact you all are having on our children & the example you are putting forward for them. Can you PLEASE help the coach, who was benched because he was praying with his kids before the games. Now he faces fines & cannot do anything about it. Our kids don’t even want to play, because their afraid this will fall on them or worse. Some atheist group caused enough of a commotion that it had to stop. Some of them very same people are Chief fans, if you can’t help please tell me, by email we love you all. I will understand how an organization like that can cause problems even for you. GOD BLESS YOU for the example you are showing forth to our future.

  • Cindy Jones says:

    Now that is really awesome!!!! God is SO Good!

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