Do you feel guilty about things you’re doing as a parent? You want to do your best to raise healthy children. Do you sometimes worry about how you’re doing and second-guess yourself?

Maybe you’re thinking: Am I pushing too hard or am I there enough. Perhaps you’re wondering: Am I a good role model? Am I too critical?

It’s only natural to question your parenting skills. No parent is perfect. Children learn from everyday experiences, including your mistakes and theirs. You can alleviate the sense of guilt as you follow the path of other successful parents who have adopted Nine Habits of Intentional Parents:

  1. I will not do for my child what he needs to do for himself—when I do, I disrespect him.
  2. I will not overreact—when I do, my child has won.
  3. I will not rescue my child from life lessons he needs to learn—when I do, I weaken him.
  4. I will not treat my teenager like a child—when I do, I create resentment.
  5. I will not be dissuaded from doing right, despite anger, tears, cursing or threats—when I do, I am an irresponsible parent.
    I will use my Heart—when they are hurting, confused, searching or frustrated.
    I will use my Head—when they have questions, need guidance or want answers.
    I will use my Hand (take action)—when they are disrespectful, disobedient or lazy.
  6. I will pick my parenting battles carefully—because it’s more important to be the right parent than to be right.
  7. I will give lots of encouragement—because it will help my child to succeed.
  8. I will provide training, instruction and support as needed—because that’s my job.
  9. I will pray daily for my children—because my children belong to God.

A reasonable amount of guilt shows love. The key is loving and reassuring them now as you help them on their path to adulthood.

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