What you say and do has an impact on the lives of those you connect with. Your life has great purpose, for you personally, and for those around you. You can have great influence on the lives of others, both positive and negative. That includes your loved ones, those you are acquainted with, and those you pass by—in the hallway, in the grocery store, and even on the highway.

Today I ask you to consider five things you never get back:

  • Time
    It comes and goes. You can’t bottle it or save it. Each moment passes one second at a time in front of you. You must choose how to spend it.
  • Words
    Once your words have escaped your lips, they are out there. They bless or curse the hearts of those who hear them. Once said, you can’t take them back.
  • Attitude
    You choose your attitude. A positive attitude brings light into most situations. When you have a crummy attitude with a person, you can apologize, but you can’t take that moment back.
  • Opportunity Lost
    If you don’t take an opportunity to help someone, to speak Truth, to love a person, and make a difference in someone’s life you will never get that particular opportunity back. Choose to take the opportunities you’re presented with each day.
  • Encouragement
    People are hurting. They need encouragement each day.

Jesus’ thoughts were always on others—even as he was about to be arrested. In John 17, he turned to the cross and did three things:

  1. Prayed for himself,
  2. Prayed for his disciples,
  3. Prayed for all believers including you and me.

Do your actions add to people’s lives? Do you offer affirmation, inspiration and hope? Are you encouraging others from the overflow of joy that comes from knowing Christ?

Consider your time and choose to spend it wisely. Think about your words, and how they will affect the heart of the one you are speaking to before you share them. Choose the right attitude of heart, and ask the Lord to show you the opportunities he has given you and then take them. Finally, take each occasion presented to encourage others.

You never know what is going to happen from day to day, so take advantage of every moment you have to be intentional.

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