“You NEVER listen to me!”

Have you ever heard those words in your home? It’s the motto of relationship trouble asking for a solution.

Poor communication is a leading contributor to difficulties between couples. When communication, listening, understanding and acceptance are gone, it leaves a void filled with anger, distance and emptiness.

Better communication can strengthen relationships. Couples who know how to discuss money, intimacy, children, work and health issues, have a better chance at success than those who struggle.

Good communication does not require a doctorate in counseling! But it does necessitate a degree in patience, discernment and empathy. You have to understand this simple rule: “Make sure that what you say is actually what is heard.”

Being effective requires more effort than people are willing to give. It takes work to be a strong communicator. Making eye contact, listening closely, reflecting on what was said, and blocking out other thoughts requires your highest concentration.

You have the power to:

  1. Express what’s in your heart without losing control.
  2. Speak without being controlled by your spouse’s response or lack of response.
  3. Clarify what your spouse says in response, without getting side tracked.
  4. Forgive inconsiderate words.

You will find words are a powerful instrument that will either build up or tear down a relationship. Create beautiful portraits of love, affection and understanding for your spouse.

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