Is God always with us? If that’s true, why do we feel so far from Him at times?

Dr. Alec Rowlands, senior pastor of Westgate Chapel in Washington State, talks about The Presence of God, and how we can intentionally pursue intimacy with Him every day. Christians go through cycles of intimacy with God  – and feeling like He’s walked away. There are several ways to restore that sense of communion with God; Dr. Rowlands joins Susie Larson to unpack

  • The tension between God’s transcendence and God’s immanence
  • What a face-to-face encounter with a lion taught Alec about God’s majesty
  • How heart transformation happens during an encounter with His presence
  • Why a relationship with God calls for a “respect factor” – He’s not our fishing buddy, but He’s the “friend who sticks closer than a brother.”
  • James 4:8 and the idea of self-deprecation – how to balance humility with intimacy
  • Disciplining ourselves through prayer, devotionals, fasting, are used to cultivate our hearts to feel His presence stronger

God is the God Who works with a purpose. In Alec’s words, “When God reveals His presence to us, it’s never for entertainment; it’s for transformation.” Do we want a taste of God’s presence? There’s a simple way to seek Him. First, open the Bible. Second, whisper this prayer: Lord, begin Your work with me.

Highlight : Face to face with a lion

Into God’s presence

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