Prayer Ventures‘ Betsy Lee joins musician and worship leader Sara Renner to talk about the meaning of praise, worship and how we can be strengthened by both.

Betsy feels that prayer and praise work closely together:

“One of the best definitions of prayer that I’ve heard is that prayer is inviting God’s presence to release his power and we invite his presence through worship.”

Our prayer lives often seem to focus on what we want. We pray about our desires and problems. But, if we take the time to praise God and orient ourselves to his desires then we end up praying prayers that are more in line with his heart.

One way to focus on God is to look at his creation or take a time of quietness to calm our spirits.  Focusing on God’s greatness, his goodness and his compassion are other ways to lean into the heart of God and prepare for a time of praise and prayer. Betsy finds that reading a Psalm leads her to a place of resting and relaxing in God’s presence.

Sara speaks to the importance of praise and explains that when we know Lord it’s easy to find things to adore him for.

“Just for our breath, just for our life, there’s so many things we can praise him for.”

She discusses how praise through music is a way that we can connect to the Father as we were made to.

“I really feel like God longs to be in relationship with us and we benefit so much by the connection.”

Our spirit rises up in us when we engage in praise. Praise through music offers a specific connecting point. There is intentionality through the act of singing.

Betsy and Sara also talk about the role of Scripture in prayer and praise.

Prayer and praise 

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