Those of us who are dealing with thoughts of suicide or a loss aren’t always sure how to respond.

That’s okay.

Dr. Linda Mintle gives some insight into a Christian response to such tragedy.

“This is a topic the church has a hard time talking about but suicide and depression are very common in our culture.”

Dr. Linda suggests steps for those who are struggling with suicide around them or suicidal thoughts.

1. Release the anger or the guilt. Understand that we aren’t bound by guilt and shame. God does not want us to walk in guilt and shame. He wants to set you free.

2. Recognize that the thought of suicide is not sin. It is a demonic or satanic temptation. Yes, Satan comes to destroy, but God can deliver us if we turn to him in those moments. Such thoughts are a temptation, not any fault of yours.

3. Resist the devil. Resist tempting thoughts. We should daily renew our minds with the truths of God’s Word. Know the warning signs of depression.
Surround ourselves with other people in the faith. We need to make sure we are surrounding ourselves with a community that can lift us up.

If you are feeling depression and thoughts of suicide, know that it will pass and there is help. Please seek help from others and professionals. Many organizations have resources for the residents of MinnesotaIowaNorth Dakota, South DakotaWisconsin or anywhere in the nation.

You are not alone.

How do we respond to suicide?

This conversation is based on Dr. Linda’s blog post A Christian Response to Suicide.

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