“I can’t blog. I can’t write. I hate writing.”

This is what I told God.

Now He didn’t ask me to do this by appearing in a burning bush in my side yard – but he was pretty clear when I saw an ugly chair at Goodwill one day. Long story for a future post.

Are you familiar with the story of Moses?

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie “Prince of Egypt”? Yep, that’s Moses.

God asked him to do something. Moses said no – 5 times to be exact. He argued with God. He doubted God’s choice. ” Me, you want me to do this? Are you sure? Maybe you should choose someone more qualified.”

Maybe you thought that all the people whose lives are lived out on the pages of the bible had it all together.

Uh, no. In fact, the only one who had their act together was Jesus. The rest of them….a sorry bunch of sinners who had one thing in common. Their willingness to let God in and use them despite all their shortcomings and failures.

If you’re waiting to be used by God – If you’re thinking you need to clean up your act first – If you’ve determined that God only uses smart, SUPER spiritual folks – let me encourage you. HE USES US – in our current state.

(please don’t think I’m insulting you…you may be very smart….I just know that I’m not)

It’s a perfect plan. God gets the credit that way.

If I could do things in my own strength, talent, and skills, people would say…wow look what Julie did.

But when I step out and do something that God has asked me to do or where I feel He is leading me – I can be assured that He will enable me for the task.

“God doesn’t call the equipped – He equips the called”. (awesome quote not sure who said it, but it wasn’t me).

Take this blog.  I have no idea what I’m doing. I just know that God has asked me to provide a place where He can be glorified through the stories I share from different women to the world of home décor and crafting.

A strange combo? Perhaps. But consider the definition of transform.

Transform – to change in form, appearance, or structure. To change in condition, nature, or character; convert. To alter or be altered radically in form, function, etc.

When I allow God into my life He begins the continual process of transforming me. Did I mention that it’s continual. Uh, yeah, we are works in progress. Run from people that say they have arrived or have it all figured out.

So, the next time you’re sanding the corners of a table or admiring a piece of finished work that has been transformed;  I hope it ignites a desire in your heart to invite God into your life. He will transform it. And it will be gorgeous. And He will get all the credit.

By the way……it may hurt at times. I’m sure the table doesn’t like it when we sand those corners down but we know it’s for the best and part of the process on the way to being transformed.

Till the next time,

Julie b.

A cute transformation!

Vintage Colonial style table BEFORE

Vintage Colonial style table BEFORE



AFTER - Valspar's White Raisin

AFTER – Valspar’s White Raisin


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