“Sometimes Christians don’t know what to do with the virtue of courage” notes Paul Coughlin, who heads The Protectors non profit group.

Author of Raising Bully Proof Kids, Coughlin joined Austin Hill In The Morning to discuss what he describes as “the most common form of child abuse right now,” while it is top-of-mind among students returning to school.

“In the Beatitudes Jesus said ‘blessed are the peace makers,’ but if you look closely at Jesus’ words he’s not talking about pacifism there” Coughlin told me. ” Jesus is talking there about people work aggressively to resolve conflict. That’s what we need. We need kids in these situations to step up and fight for justice, and to do it with love, and do it with truth, and do it with backbone.”

Coughlin adds that “The Christian community really needs to re-evaluate its views of the use of redemptive force. Bullies don’t listen to peace, love and understanding. They listen to power.”

Underscoring the needs for kids to grow socially and to form good friendships, Coughlin notes that “the number one character trait of a kid that attracts bullies is that they are non-assertive. Good friends are the first line of defense against bullies.”

What to do about bullying

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