Sound familiar!  How can this be?  There are so many things to do as kids, the sky is the limit!  I remember always being busy as a kid, whether it was playing inside or out!  And no, video games and TV does not count 🙂

fly swatter painting 3

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days…sunny, gentle breeze, and 80!  A day that you make it mandatory for the kiddos to go outside!!  I find my girls all to often saying “Mom, there’s nothing to do!!”

So, I did a little digging for some ideas that I will “pitch” to my girls the next time they say there is nothing to do!  Oh, you in the same boat too?  Well, we gotta stick together right?  Of course I’ll share with you, here’s what I found…

How about a little “fly swatting“.  This is a fun one for little kiddos and super easy.  Just make sure you do it outside!  Grab a roll of paper, roll it out and drop some paint randomly on it (as if it were bugs), hand over the fly swatters to the kids and let them go to town!



rope course

Rope Course anyone!  Kids will have fun helping with set up of this as well as going through it!  You will need some trees for this one, perhaps a good one for the church camp-out!





toddler wash

For toddlers, set up a car wash!  Get their cars and bikes out in the yard, grab some sponges, cloths, and a bucket from the $1 store, and let ’em have at it!  If they get it “clean” quickly, then grab some shaving cream and squirt it here or there to keep them going!  Best part is you can put them in their swimsuit and they end up not needing a bath later!




Lawn_Twitster_TipJunkie-550x359And finally…Lawn Twister!  Need I say more!

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