Two things that women dread shopping for…jeans and swimsuits!  Every year, swimsuit season looms in the background.  You know it’s coming, but try to put it off until the last possible minute!  It’s hard enough to try and stuff yourself into the “perfect” swimsuit, but when you have teenage girls…ugh!

Ahhh, you think back to the days where it was so simple.  One size 3 in toddlers and a size 6 in little girls and on to the next thing, easy breezy!  That’s when you could bring home any article of clothing from the store and they were so ecstatic that they got something new, well, because they were young!  Then, there is that certain age when that all changes.  They have their own style, favorite color, details written out on about 20 pages of what they are specifically looking for!  Oh, and one non-negotiable item…no bikinis. Trying to teach modesty from the get go and maintaining it takes work…”leave some mystery” is what I tell my girls.

This past weekend, I took my 3 girls (12, 13, and 14) swimsuit (tankini) shopping, a feat in itself!  In the past, finding more than two styles of tankinis was a challenge, but this year it was definitely easier!  Mom’s applauding everywhere!

So, since we hit up almost every store known to man this past weekend, no sense in you having to double on the “leg work” too, right? After all the pain, tears, an achy back, and tired feet, this is where we found some…

JcPenney’s has a great selection, bold and bright colors, tons of tankinis…plus, have a sale going!

Macy’s – had to mix and match because of wanting boycut shorts, super cute with “mermaid blue” top and “blue violet” bottoms

If you like to shop online, try Lime Ricki and Zappos!

And of course, I’ll be praying for you! 🙂


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