I remember when I was applying for college and knowing the stress there is to try to figure out creative ways to reduce the costs.  Since scholarships are hard to come by, there is a way to get college credit before you even step foot on campus — at a fraction of the cost!  It’s called the CLEP program, and according to PocketYourDollars,

These programs allow students to earn college credit by passing an exam demonstrating mastery of college-level material. The exams cost about $100 each and are accepted at 2,900 colleges nationwide.

If there was a corresponding test, my kids simply took that exam at the end of that high school course. If they passed, which they often did, their credits were banked with the testing organization.

Seems like a sweet deal!  You can find out more here: clep.collegeboard.org

Big deal of the week:

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer is the free audiobook of the month for May. Download it here:   http://christianaudio.com/free
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