Sometimes the emotional, frustrating, grief-laced and often crushing experiences that come with the ride of a difficult relationship cause us to want to get off the roller coaster and walk away. We don’t want to deal with the pain and process of working it out. Sometimes the anger we feel has us acting out in ways that make it hard to recognize the person we’ve become. Perhaps the situation is starting to spread out like a toxic vapor that’s affecting those around us. Maybe it’s just gone on too long and we’re tired of the effort it takes to hold on to what seems like the last thread holding it all together.

Sometimes the situation, like those that involve abuse, need to end for the safety of those involved.

Others, though they are painful, are worthy of trying to save.

There is hope for most relationships. It may not be as hard as you think, according to an article at, to restore a relationship that seems hopeless. Sometimes it’s just some common, or maybe uncommon sense, is what’s needed to help reset the relationship. Here are 5 things you can do.

  1. Reset by taking some time and not acting rashly. Deciding to resist acting on impulse now can help save heart-wrenching regret later.
  2. Reset by resolving to take the needed steps to change what you can about your part in the breakdown in the relationship. It takes two and can start with you.
  3. Reset by recognizing the value of outside help. A Christian counselor can help you find solutions based on God’s word and remind you of your part in the problem with an outside view and perspective. They provide benefit from seeing the things we can’t.
  4. Reset by realizing the need to listen. Really backing down and opening our ears can help us see where we need to get humble and meet the needs of the other and adopt Jesus’ posture of serving.
  5. Reset by remembering why you are in a relationship with this person in the first place. There was a reason and it was a good one. Focus on that. Look past the stuff that causes conflict—push it aside and move forward toward the things you love about each other.

God values relationships, and wants to help us in the process of restoration. Is there a relationship He’s nudging you to do your part to help reset?

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