With Mother’s Day over, some adults may be dealing with fresh wounds associated with a poor relationship with their mother. Sure, she raised you well and she’s good at making cookies, but there can be some facets of a mother-child relationship that can really act like a stick in the mud in the effort toward the two parties knowing each other better. So how do you repair a relationship with your mom? And mothers, how can you repair relationships with your kids?

Dr. Linda Mintle wrote the book “I Love My Mother, But…” specifically for the mother-daughter relationship, and says many grown daughters struggle to find balance and perspective with their mothers, and they don’t realize that this emotionally charged relationship greatly impacts the health of all others in their lives.

Dr. Mintle shared how mothers can reinvent their relationships by:

  • practicing the spiritual acts of prayer, empathy, and forgiveness
  • making new connections to break old patterns
  • letting go of guilt and shame and finding peace
  • applying anger management techniques
  • discovering ways to honor their mothers and themselves

You can hear Dr. Mintle’s interview with Faith Radio Mornings below:

Linda Mintle

Dr. Linda is a best-selling author with 19 book titles to her credit, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, a national news consultant, featured writer for Beliefnet and hosts her own website. Her academic appointment at the new College of Osteopathic Medicine, Liberty University, keeps her abreast of current research in her areas of expertise. Her media experience includes seven years as the resident expert for ABC Family’s Living the Life television show and regular appearances on network television and radio. Her current assignment as a national news consultant allows her to comment on mental health issues in the news. “The Relationship Doctor.”

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