It cometh in the morning.

C.S. Lewis was surprised by it.

On deathbeds, people actually choose it.

Those who sow in tears now will reap it later.

It is our strength; it is our song.

It is the one thing that, by some miracle dropped straight from Heaven, our grief can turn into. (John 16:20)

It is this: Joy.

Where can we find this joy, which is wider than a smile, deeper than our feelings? How can we excavate this jewel, even in the midst of sorrow? What kind of joy is this?

It is Jesus Joy — trademarked, copyrighted, and available worldwide.

It is costly, but free.

Jesus of Nazareth, who willingly tasted death for every mortal, took up an executioner’s cross for the joy – the joy! — set before Him.

This is the miraculous character of Christ in you. It is not a fleeting moment of happiness, but rather, it is inner joy that springs from one source only: Jesus.

What kind of joy is this? This is the joy of a soul, forgiven and free.

May you find happiness all around you this week. May you even find a reason to smile. But even more than that, I pray this for you today: may you discover inexplicable joy bursting forth, from within your very soul.

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