I talk lots about saving and getting out of debt.  But, what about spending?  Heck, what about splurging?  Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually a fan of splurging.

For my family and me we don’t scrimp when it comes to groceries.  I would guess we spend more than average on food a month.  However, our “going out to eat” budget is quite small.  We’re willing to eat really good, hearty, healthy food at home by sacrificing restaurants.

One thing I CERTAINLY don’t splurge on is my vehicle.  My 1996 Honda Accord has become a bit of a joke.  Many folks assume I drive a big expensive vehicle, but not the case.  I bought my car over 10 years ago.  It’s been paid off for years, gets 33 mpg, and costs me $27/month for insurance.

If driving a nice car is important to you and that’s your splurge…so be it!  I’m not mad.  That’s fine.  But, the reality is we can’t splurge on EVERYTHING.  Not splurging on a nice car for has allowed me to, in fact, splurge in other areas of my life.

Bottom line: splurging isn’t bad. I believe it’s a healthy part of a balanced financial life.  But remember, you can’t splurge on everything.  Pick your battles wisely!


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