It hit a strong chord with many who grieve:  The honest comments of one mom on the anniversary of her son’s death.  Melony and Wayne shared some of this on the Morning Show and if you’re looking for the rest, here’s the link they promised.

Don’t Tell Grievers to Move On by Kay Warren

One Response to "“Don’t tell grievers to move on” Kay Warren"

  • Anita Simon says:

    My only daughter was killed in a traffic accident six months ago. She was eight years old. It took 16 years to finally adopt her from China. So many Christian folk have tried to force down my throat that I should be thankful for the seven years we had with her without allowing my to be sad for missing the birthday celebrations, graduations, bridal showers, wedding, baby showers and grandchildren that were no longer going to be my hopes for the future. I agree so much with what Kay Warren wrote. More is said with a hug than with words any time someone is in pain.

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