Struggling with feeling like you could never measure up?  Has trying to do your best left you worn out?  Do you feel the pressure to not disappoint God?

After serving in ministry for nearly 2 decades, lead singer of MercyMe Bart Millard felt the weight of those burdens, to the point he was ready to throw it all in and quit!

Yet, he’s back with the rest of the band for what they are calling their most important CD ever “Welcome To The New”.

So, what changed for Bart and the rest of the band? The answer is GRACE, but in a way Bart had never experienced it before.

Recently, he shared his intimate journey with Melony & Wayne on the Life 88.5 Morning Show.

Bart Millard on why this new CD is their most important

Why MercyMe was ready to quit and what changed

How grace changed everything even Bart Millard’s parenting

5 questions in 10 seconds with Bart Millard of MercyMe-The Easter Edition



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  • Sharon Brown says:

    Caught a little of this at work this morning. Glad to hear it all. What a wonderful Word! He puts the Gift we have in Jesus in a nut shell anyone could understand.

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