My favorite moments with kids are those moments when they, seemingly… on their own, ‘get’ truth.

For example, a 5th grader I know made a comment this summer that she was glad she went to VBS on her birthday because usually her birthday is all about her and very self centered and that day she learned/remembered that really everything is all about God.

Wow…those are the moments as parents that we live for. Those sweet morsels when they ‘get it’. They get me excited to the point of tears. So what do you do when those moments happen?

Do you just ponder them and enjoy them on their own or do you stop and remember and celebrate who God is and what He has done in the life of your child?

Sigh. I know what I should do, but too often I enjoy the moment briefly and encourage my child and then go right back to whatever I was doing before it happened.

I have missed the opportunity to celebrate God with my kid. Savor these moments and celebrate them. This is a great opportunity to worship.


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