Are you raising a Chivalrous boy?  Chivalry was the first word that came to my mind as my husband and I opened a letter from a young man.

It was a letter simply asking my husband permission to take my daughter to an event that would be coming up at school.  From the start of the first sentence through the end of the letter, I bet I said “awe, that is so sweet” like 50 times!

Chivalry was something I never really experienced as a teenager.  So, to see that with this young man made me feel like there was hope out there for my girls to actually one day marry this kind of man!  Not saying by any means that letter was going to lead to marriage with my daughter…no, no, no, because she’s not allowed to get married until the age of 35 you know!

If you have boys, I hope you teach him the word “chivalry” early on and to live it out with every girl he comes across!  I have three girls and have been instilling in them that saving their first kiss for their wedding day is something to strive for along with remaining pure.  Continuing to encourage your children to do something that might not be popular in the eyes of the world takes effort, but they will stand out when it matters!  Consider praying now for your child’s spouse and also encourage your son or daughter to do that as well!  What a blessing that day will be when you see God answering that prayer!!

And after seeing this letter from this young man, sometimes you wonder–but chivalry isn’t dead!


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