With winter hanging on, this is the time of year our minds tend to wander toward spring and summer.  Maybe you heard the news that Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resort has been working on something record breaking. They’ve declared it the world’s tallest water slide and now you can take a virtual peek.

The bigger question, when it opens, will you take the plunge?!

130 Responses to "Virtual ride on the world’s tallest water slide new in KC"

  • Nancy Encarnacion says:

    Way too scary!!!

  • peggy hunsaker says:

    If you dare? This could be so mind blowing! KC really needed this ride. Alll I got.to say is—- It certainly looks like this just could be the ride of your life. Be prepared for fun!

  • David Allen says:

    Uh……NO! 🙂

  • Theresa says:

    I see I would have to go to the bathroom by the time I walk up all those stairs, and the way it seems to me, is you go down that long slide and then it has the hump there and down again, are you kidding me, you are going too fast and you will fall off when you get to the hump, I don’t recommend anyone to go on this ride, I can already see a lot of people getting hurt if not killed

    1. Ruth Medley says:

      agree with Theresa. And it was not worth the wait i line. We got our itckets at 10:15 and had to wait until 4 :15 to go get in line. For what 2 seconds. No not going to even allow the kids to do that again and your right, dangerous.

  • gregory says:

    just wondering what will keep you from going airborne on the first hump lol

  • johnny says:

    How you gonna keep the person from flying off…

  • Travis says:

    Dude where do I sign up?

    1. chris says:

      im with travis …. lets do this …. sign me up . and i wont need no redbull …. WOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!

      LETS GET IT ON !!!!!!!!.. LOL

  • Alice says:

    No Way not going to die that way!

  • D. Weiler says:

    NO WAY!! Someone–some several..may be getting killed or seriously injured on this totally insane “ride”!! A nightmare!Verrukt indeed!

    1. Jenn says:

      I agree. When I was young I saw someone fall from a ride like this, but it was not even close to as tall… it was not pretty! When I saw this add I kept seeing in my mind that girl falling…

  • Tish says:

    The reasonable mom in me says this does not look like a good idea….. but the thrill seeker says … yes! And the exciting part is if we die, 3 of my closest friends will be with me. It is scary and exciting all at once and thats what makes me say yes – just to say I did it.

  • tina says:

    I am willing to try, if you watched the video carfully you will note slow down back strips going up to the hump, why would someplace build something that would kill someone and I am sure that it will be tested before the public is allowed to even begin riding.

  • JV says:

    It looks incredible! The hump is to slow you down, I’d imagine. I really don’t think you’d go flying off into oblivion.

  • Amanda ODell says:

    Can not wait to take the plunge! You only get one life why not. Amazing

  • Jon S. says:

    To all of you who are speculating on ‘flying out’ of it or some other ‘disastrous’ event unfolding let me ask you this? Who all took physic? Who all understand the equation d = Vi * T + 1/2 a * T^2? if you look at the length on the bottom you’ll see your velocity would be bled off enough that you’ll crest the 2nd hump at about 10-15 mph. Since water is being used as a ‘lubricant’ a good chunk of energy is being lost from the friction forces from the get go. The advantage this slide has is that your backside is protected by the tube. The last time I went on something this steep (and MUCH smaller) was in 7-peaks and the force of hitting the landing pool put an end to my 15 year old swim suit! So….all in all, the physics has been worked out or it would not have been built. All is left is YOUR decision whether you can conquer your fears or if your health permits you to endure a near ‘zero g’ fall for about 3 seconds. Just think how the astronauts has to endure the sensation of weightlessness far longer!

    1. Carl S says:

      The kinematic equation for diplacement with unified velocity is a good equation but the physics being worked out does not mean it is safe. Physics has worked out many unsafe things in this world. I will pass on this ride.

  • CarlB says:

    Adding this to the bucket-list. Thanks!!

  • Melissa Moody says:

    If u pay attention the hump has the bottom black that slows u down

  • Cale says:

    When does this open? Can I get email alerts?

  • John Bass says:

    The one BIG THING I notice is no one is TRYING IT OUT. They haven’t even tested it. They better redo their ad.

  • feisty says:

    Atomic wedgie!

  • rh says:

    Just to let you all know is you go down the down in a four man raft…

  • christy says:

    Aint no way…

  • karen H. says:

    I went on the Outlaw in Branson and it was a blast! Sure I would do it and I am over 50! Keep it alive and you will stay that way I say!

  • Rocky says:

    It’s in Kansas City, KANSAS
    I drive by it every day
    I can’t wait to go down it!

  • Sally says:

    Heck No!!!! Looks like you would fly off the top of the bottom hump(hill like part).

  • Tande says:

    It gets WINDY in Kansas!!! No way !!!

  • Jen Jo Cobb says:

    I am SO in! I jumped off the side of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, jumped out of an airplane w the US Army Golden Knights… why wouldn’t I experience this, which is in my own backyard and I see it every time I visit home? So exciting!

  • Nancy says:

    I am a grandmother of (5)…Put me up there!

  • Michael says:

    Couldn’t be near as bad a sky diving, free falling for approx 30 seconds from 10,000 feet. One of the neatest thing I have ever done. It was a blast. Had it not been for my son wanting to do it for his 18th birthday I probably would have never done it.

  • Rita says:

    OMG, I would have a hard attack before I hit the bottom. Think I’ll be sitting this one out.

  • Chad Helmers says:

    I am definitely going to ride this. So love a thrill.

  • Russ says:

    Abby (7) says: wow that’s pretty hi up, please be careful and have fun!
    Jack (9) I want to live!

  • Kathy says:

    Tina: You are out of your MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kody Smith says:

    I’m from Colorado and will b. Making the trip for sure!

  • Debbie says:

    Too scary! What about when you hit the first leveling out. I’m thinking its a power wash for the backside… No thank U

  • ben says:

    this slide is awsome it is design keeps you from flying off im going down it thats for sure

  • Amanda says:

    They don’t have an elevator?! Can you imagine climbing all of those stairs? Even if I got up the nerve to go down the slide, I’d talk myself out if a dozen times on the stairs and probably never make it to the top.

  • This looks like a glorified death trap. What holds them on? This is not going to be open for long. My life is worth too much to risk it here.

  • chelsea herren says:

    Looks amazing but soo scarry I want to do it but I keep talking my self out of it I feel my stomach turning just thinking about it. But awesome anyways

  • chelsea herren says:

    Oh and one last thing if ur gonna build something this big u should invest in some elevators casue that’s a lot of stairs

  • YaRight! says:

    Ummm where is the elevator?!?

  • Isis says:

    I am afraid of heights personally.I am 31 years old and previously conquered my fear of flying. I am not a fan of this at all but to you that get a rush from this type of stuff,I say go for it,live it up..WE ONLY LIVE ONCE.My 13 year old son will be trying this out this summer..It is definitely a cool addition to my city. I will be very interested in watching someone go down it.GOOD LUCK to you all.HAVE A BLAST..# KAAAAANNNSSAAASSS CITTYYY(:

  • Dennis says:

    If I can make it up all those stairs, I’m in!

  • Cory says:

    Why don’t you guys read the previous comments? The physics behind this ride keep the 4 person raft from flying off. I think they’re quoting a peak speed of 70mph or so. That hill is 5 stories tall on it’s own. You will lose a LOT of speed going up that. Don’t believe me, put your car in neutral and try coasting up a hill sometime. You lose speed quickly. Plus, they’re not going to build something that isn’t safe. Technology these days in areas like this is beyond crazy. They can see structural weak points in the design, know how much it’ll flex at a given wind speed BEFORE it’s even built, figure out the speed given the water lubricant, raft weight and frontal area along with rider weight. Trust me, when a company builds a world record holder of ANYTHING, it is thought out from every angle and THEN some.

    This will be an extremely safe ride that will provide an amazing adrenaline rush. Count me in! You’re touching something at all times. I would rather ride down this than ride the rip cord at Worlds of Fun or sky dive. The rip cord, is far more dangerous. In the freak event that the cable breaks…you’re dead. There’s nothing like that here to mess up. I guess the biggest worry would be the raft going up over the side. But it’s headed in a straight line, so that’s not going to happen.

  • kevin says:

    Perfect ride but the problem are the stairs no one will want to jump back inline to climb those.

  • Jimmy says:

    “What keeps you from flying off the hump?” Lol. Do you guys actually think nobody in the planning and building stages thought of that possibility? That’s what engineers are for! This isn’t a question that’s floating in the air. Call me presumptuous, but I’ll bet they’ve covered the appropriate bases before investing Lord-knows-how-much money in this slide. Fear not. In any case, we all die, eh? 🙂

  • Toni Watts says:

    Oh gosh I’m 51 this year and would LOVE to do this wonderful slide, unfortunately I doubt I will ever get up to Kansas.

  • tiffany says:

    its not safe but looks fun so how somebody or 3 more people at one time gonna go down without falling forget the hump right when you go down its not safe

  • Carol says:

    Just want to know how seatbelts are attached to tubes?

  • Angela says:

    What keeps people from sliding up over the edge? Those sides don’t look very high. That would be a horrifying way to die.

  • shannon barnett says:

    To the person who said “no one is testing this out”. I don’t know where you live but in Kansas it is WINTER now. Windchill was -30 a few days ago.
    To the rest of you assuming anyone who rides this is going to die….yes that is EXACTLY what the engineers had in mind when they built this…death for everyone who rides this. I can’t believe all the ignorant comments people are making. On second thought yes I can. Probably the same people who reelected Obama.

    1. Dominique says:

      Made my night. Good to hear someone using their brain.

  • Nicole says:

    I just showed this video to my family. Hubby said no way, daughter (9) said heck no!! My son who is 3 said I wanna ride that mommy. I told him he was too little, and he asked WHYYY? Maybe in a few years when he’s big enough, mommy and son will do it together!

  • Janeese Purdum says:

    Where do I sign up? I would so do this just to conquer my fear of heights 🙂

  • jeremy says:

    I would LOVE to do this but due to knee injury don’t think ill make up those stairs…no lifts???…

  • tom says:

    wow, if it wasn’t for my crippling fear of heights (i got scared from the heights shown in the video haha), i’d ride this thing. they won’t build something designed to kill so you gotta have faith in the designers, engineers, and everybody else involved in taking this from the drawing board to reality. i’ve been on some terrifying rides and so far none have hurt me. it’s a hell of a rush and it really does make you feel alive! the only reason i’ll probably never ride this thing is because i live so far from KC.

  • matt barnes says:

    TO EVERYONE COMMENTING ON THIS BEING A SAFTY ISSURE OR SUPJECT TO INJURY…. seriously .. you are from kansas(or ok) … people don’t just build something and not have the education in physics to figure out if there is any real danger to the ride. they have one of these in my town not as big and most people don’t even make it over the hump you slide back down and get off the slide halfway ,,, unless you make it over … which is rare. so stop saying that hump will launch you ,,, you sound like and idiot and are kinda dumb for thinking so.

  • dj lee says:

    and what makes it even worse the name is german for crazy lol im comin from Germany to ride this

  • Fox says:

    The info on the website says 4 people ride down together on an inflatable raft.

  • jamison says:

    i dont think the black strips are to slow down. i down think there will be enough velocity to get over, and if youve ever been to the schlitterbahn in new braunfels tx you know the have water roller coasters, i think those holes are for the water jets.. anyway, i will be riding this fo sho!

  • marshall says:

    if a helicopter lowered me to the top i’d love to go down it!

  • jason says:

    The hump is to slow you down… wow…really takes a genius to figure that one out!?


  • Jeremy says:

    I’m there dude!

  • Nannie says:

    NEVER….not on a good day or a bad day….just NEVER!!!

  • Kellie Hall says:

    Sign me uppppppppp …….. I’m there !!!!!!

  • Cynthia says:

    Irresponsible. Someone will get hurt. I will lay money that happens. Wind factor. Stupid people factor. Faulty metal, contruction factor. Irresponsible.

  • Jeremy says:

    1…gravity slows you way down
    2…anybody notice the friction pads on the hump to slow you down even more?

  • Patrick says:

    Riding the giant slide at Blizzard beach at Disney world was a blast! It was touted as the tallest in America at the time. I can’t wait to ride this one! And yes, I’m 50!!!

  • Noreen says:

    The main reason I wouldn’t do it is because I wouldn’t climb all those steps to ride it!! Looks like fun though!!

  • Thomas says:

    Please reframe from being an ignorant human being……engineers have made this…..not some back woods redneck! So what will keep you from falling off the hump? Lateral G’s…..the art of gravity and g force will keep you glued to the track…,,.orher wise this slide wouldn’t have been invented.

    *apply water to burn*

    1. Alicia Marie says:

      Dude, yes. It seems obvious that a company wouldn’t want to spend millions building a slide that will kill people. And it is ridiculous how many people keep saying that people are going to die, as if the company won’t engineer it to be physically safe, and then test it so they don’t get sued. It freaks me out that so many people seem to genuinely believe it when they say those things. But check it out.. the word is refrain. And it’s better to put aloe on a burn.

  • mary says:

    I couldn’t do the stairs, but if there was an elevator, I’m on it.

  • Joyce Miller says:

    AINT NO WAY would I get on this thing. I love water slides but this is just a little to much !

  • Brandy says:

    oh yeah when does it open im ready to go im 34 and love anything that will scare me

  • denine says:

    Awesome I can’t wait, and for all of you wondering can u fall out the answe is no…..but u do have to have some balls to try it.

  • Dave Gordon says:

    Woah! After watching this, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

  • Jim says:

    I would do this in a heartbeat ……

  • Regina says:

    YEEEESSSS! That is all.

  • Carol says:

    My choice…
    Most people get off a scary ride laughing. Some are ashen, but when they realize they have survived, they start laughing. A few do not laugh. They barf. They cry. They shake uncontrollably. They collapse. They do not laugh.
    I will not be entering any amusement park…ever.

  • Denise says:

    Yep and someone will be getting killed on that ride . Not very safe ….AT ALL !!

  • Trey says:

    I would do this even at 62. The problem I see is many will get 2/3 of the way up and panic and change their mind? Then they will be going back down the stairs on what appears to be a one way stairway up? That is the only safety issue I see with this. Maybe upon close inspection the handrail is higher or another bar above to keep one from falling over the handrail? Also yes the water will slow you down safely to handle the next hump 🙂

  • payton says:

    me and ny dad r huge when it comes to this stuff! im really looking forward to this summer! I live ib texas and we will be coming

  • Rocky says:

    all I think it needs is an elevator……that walk more than 5 trips a day would be a killer. My thoughts are…..what number am I in line?

  • Hayley says:

    More like wedgie of a lifetime, you’d be eating your suit for months.

  • molly lundquist says:

    Oh heck yes! Have driven by this three or four times now and I cant wait for it to open

  • Rory says:

    Yup, there is a conveyor belt next to the slide to get the 4-person rafts up, so no atomic wedgies and safety assured. I can’t believe this was not built in New Braunfels, TX, the original Schlitterbahn – what’s up with that?! Well, good for you KC – have fun and send me a postcard!

  • Carol says:

    I live right next door to this..it is terrifying. Rumors in the neighborhood are that some testing has been done with test dummies. Apparently they did not make it to the end of the ride. They will start extensive testing again in march before opening the slide. Obviously the thing will not open if it is in any way shape or form unsafe for anyone. The stairs make me want to throw up just driving by them.

  • Christie says:

    Ok I have massive panic attacks to the point of getting sick and/or feeling my heart beat out of my chest when I am just about 50 ft. in the air. So on this ride no I dont think I will go flying off and it seems like so much fun but I think I would honestly have a heart attack as soon as I got to the top.

  • Renee says:

    Pick ME!! I wanna try!!!!! You wont fly off, check your physics and gravity.

  • Krista says:

    they need an elevator

  • Nancy says:

    A lot of wasted time climbing up there. And then the folks who change their mind about coming down the slide with be coming down the steps? Dumb. Need an elevator for such a ride. I would hope they will have guard rails on the sides. A woman flew off one here in Phoenix when her toe caught the side. Better have some safeguards or there will be dead people and lots of lawsuits.

  • Vicky says:

    For those of you who don’t know physics, people wont fly off when they hit the hump. That’s why you have three other people with you, so that with the combined weight the raft doesn’t go flying off and keeps the center of gravity low. Besides they aren’t stupid enough to design a ride somebody is going to die on.

    1. Jarrod says:


    2. rachelle says:

      Actually, the heavy it is the faster it goes and just as much of a chance of flying off as a single person goes down.

  • Joe. Rob says:

    Someone is going to catch SO MUCH air that Jesus is going to have to come back early just to catch them.

  • Jarrod says:

    Do you guys not think they’ll do countless tests before opening this ride to the public? If it were THAT unsafe….it wouldn’t exist in a public water park. It’s no less dangerous than the rip chord at w.o.f. If there is a waiver to sign for the water slide THEN I would be worried.

  • Patricia says:

    three people to a car. you are not going to be in the water at all. it will be like the water ride at Disney World. Exciting.

  • Cheryl H. says:

    I say “no!” You aren’t going to find me on this thing! I’m not even sure I could watch anyone do it. I’d be scared I’d see someone flying off there.

  • Edward says:

    So many people complaining about the stairs. If your elderly or handicap i feel for ya. The rest of you sound like you are afraid to burn a calorie or two.

  • christy says:

    Id like to see the science that went into planning this ride. Clearly you would have to consider gravity, incline, wind effects, how much water would cause a poor experience, how fast you can safely travel to not fly off the hump and lord knows what else. I hope to see a special relating to this ride. Def. fascinating! You’ll never see me on it however, I don’t do heights lol.

  • DracoRigel says:

    eeeeeekkkk! The seven story Water Slide in Myrtle Beach was enough to do me a life time. I been on some huge Roller Coasters, but this is a whole different story…. ;–(0)>

  • JoJo says:

    I was waiting in line with my family at a Water Park at the Dells in Wisconsin several years ago. We literally saw a person fly off of a waterslide and land a great distance down on the ground. I am sure the engineers had tested and made sure that waterslide was completely safe too. I’m sure the gravity and the formulas had been figured. Needless to say, I stepped OUT of line. I wondered if that adult ever walked again or even lived. Let’s just say….it’s only a matter of time.

  • Linda Merker says:

    I used to adore roller coasters of any kind. Then in 2007 I visited Disney World and rode on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster with Arrowsmith music. It was amazing! The problem is I had a stroke after the ride. My right carptid artery became dissected and in repairing itself completely sealed itself shut. I had normal health before this incident. After this happened i heard of this happening to people, even to kids as young as 11 years old. Is it a safe ride? Engineers built it with the intention of creating fun but there are risks and I was never warned. My life has changed dramatically since that time having lost mobility on my left side, and having had several more strokes as a result of this blockage, so do these things at your own risk.

  • Shaun says:

    I believe I can fly!!!!!

  • Will says:

    I am pretty sure the hump is there as a means to slow you down to help prevent you from having to use an X-ray machine to locate your swimsuit (if you know what I mean).

  • chris says:

    Glad you have been recommending that people dont do this. I am sure it is really dangerous and poorly planned by the enginners who are designing it. Im sure they were willy nilly about the design and you will just fly off. Thank you for being so great at structural design and physics that you can warn people and keep this massacre from happening!

  • steve says:

    Sign me UP =-O
    Can’t wait to take the plunge, Heck of a wedgie at the end I bet, but looks well worth it LOL…..

  • Ted says:

    Could the green element to the right of the slide be a system to assist riders to the top? Similar to lifts in the mountains for tubing? Just a thought…they may be solely for rafts, but maybe for humans and rafts?

  • Don says:

    I hope there’s an elevator to get up there!

  • Randal says:

    You ride in a 4 man raft, not sliding down on bare skin… so yes it has been designed by engineers for thrill seekers. But this isn’t a slide and drop with the danger of going off the sides. FYI

  • Oohhhh i got to write it for my bucket list:),,,,,,, I ll die happy:)

  • Gloria Kelly says:

    I was disappointed that I was enticed to watch the video for a “virtual ride” on this water slide and then all I see is aerial shots of various aspects of the unfinished slide. No water. No actual camera eye view going down the slide from start to finish :o(
    When this thing is completed, please post another video of what it’s like to actually ride this thing!

  • LJ says:

    I definately want to go on this one. The only problem is my arthritic knees can’t handle that many stairs. Arthritis at 23 sucks. This thing should have an elevator. Maybe I can talk some one unto a piggyback ride up the stairs 🙂 I shall find a way to go.

    For those who think you will fall out I promise you wont. Those black strips you saw in the vid are ment to slow you down. I’ve been on other slides with then before. I also dont think they would let people ride if there was a chance they could ge sued.

  • Alex says:

    You people dont honestly think people are going to die do you?? For one your on a raft, not just sliding down. Those are friction pads to slow the raft down. And why would they spend millions to build something thats going to kill people.

    1. rachelle says:

      One problem is the rafts or what ever they used is not hooked to it so they can slide off. Hopefully they will put an enclouser around it

  • Kara says:

    I’m definitely going to try this! How exciting! To all those commenting on here who apparently think that their knowledge gathered only from watching this video surpasses the engineers and physicists who have undoubtedly spent months of their time designing this slide.. Stop being so ignorant. It’s the 21st century, NOTHING Is being built that is not 100% structurally sound and safe. I’m just glad those of you calling this a “death trap” and making assertions such as “you will fly off the side!” are not the people designing structures in our country- because then we all most definitely would die from the “death traps” your genious minds would create.

    1. rachelle says:

      Did u design it, no. So u have no clue if it is safe or not. Yes u would think the engineers know what they r doing, but anyone can make a design like this, that doesn’t make it safe. And if some changes are not made to what they show right now, it is not going to be safe. I love wild rides and have been around awhile, but I will not ride this til there r changes or until I see how it looks completely done to see if they put necessary closure or something around it. The way it looks now, if that is how it is finished, then no it won’t be safe. So I sure hope there is stuff to still be done that is not being shown.

  • Darby says:

    Looks fun!! Except I will wait a few weeks until thousands have gone down it without any death or injury. I’ll let them test it first. 😉

  • Micaiah says:

    First off, they would not have created it ifit would harm anyone. Second, if they made it the right way, then there is no possible way too fly of. And third it could also depend on the weight and size of a person…anyways I don’t know about some of you Scaredy-Cats but I’m going to ride that thing anychance I get!

  • rachelle says:

    I love wild rides and big drops. But looking at this the way it is right now, someone is going to get hurt. I don’t see anything that shows the device the person will be on is hooked down. With the rolling things it means there will be a tube or something they r on. Doesn’t matter what weight a person is. W that much of a drop. When they go up the next they r not going to slow down enough. People r gonna be flying off that thing and getting killed so they better do some things to make it safe that they haven’t shown so far. If it is the way they show it now, its not gonna be safe and I don’t care what anyone says. I am not scared. I love things like that, but I am also not stupid enough to think this is safe. As I said, unless they change a few things, its not safe. Sorry.

  • Misty says:

    I’m terrified of stairs and heights, but I could do the slide…put an elevator on that thing!!!!

  • Ben says:

    This looks epic can’t wait for it to open, im going to be making a special trip from the UK just to ride it lol BRING IT ON!!!! ( wonder if I could surf it, now thats a challenge lol)

  • Rache says:

    I’m going to assume this is in Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun? Yeah, they have Oceans of Fun in Kansas lol. Odd name being that any ocean is several hundred miles away.

    1. tjjackson says:

      The slide is part of the Schlitterbahn Water Park in KCK.

  • Raul ElPerro says:

    I think I can live with the virtual ride for now. There is a reason it is named, “verrückt.”

  • Raul ElPerro says:

    Oh, now that I see there is a safety net over the slide it seems a lot safer, as long as you keep your toes and fingers inside the raft.