8 years ago, August 14th was possibly the worst day of my life.

My husband died suddenly and my world was thrown off its axis for quite some time. I came to the decision that I would live out my life trying to be the best person I could be and because of our blended marriage I was blessed with three gorgeous grand-kids so I’d be the best grandma ever!  Well, you know what happens when we come up with our own plans….God steps in with something amazing. I met Tim a few years ago, and my life went from black and white to color again.

I had become so independent that it was startling and refreshing when he held doors open for me. He was kind, hilarious, respectful and best of all started a wonderful faith journey with me.

We talked about building a future together and a couple weeks ago picked out a ring. It arrived last Friday, and I wanted that on my finger!! Tim wanted to have a grand evening in a fancy restaurant, but that wasn’t in the foreseeable future because we were in a Love and Respect conference last Friday, Saturday we were at River Valley Church, and then Gourmet Club in the evening.  So, when he came over to help me make Tiramisu he got down on one knee and proposed. What I remember is “I love you so much, I think about you when I wake up and when I go to sleep, I even love you to pieces when you’re mad at me…”  Who could say no to that??

He kept saying that wasn’t the way he planned to propose, so I’m like “Propose as many times as you want…the answer will be the same!!”.

Many widows have asked me:  “How do you know when it’s time to start dating again?” I’m not an expert, but the best advice I have for any single person is to trust God, be the best you can be through Him and pray for that person He has in store for you even though you haven’t met them yet.

See what He does!

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