Resolutions are running through my head, how about you?

You can’t avoid it you know. Some people decree that they are not going to vocalize any New Year’s resolutions – thus decreeing a resolution for no more resolutions.

Diet? Sure.

Work out more? Yep.

Same ol’, same ol’!

But what about my insides? Should I consider how I might make improvements there?

I’m not talking about those annoying commercials where the gal leads the huddle talking about probiotics and other gut and intestine relief.

I’m taking about your core. Your soul.

We tend to focus more on the outside; but haven’t you met the hot guy who’s really a jerk. (note to my hubby: this is pre-marriage days relax). He looks so good on the outside but then you get a glimpse of the inside….speech, attitude, way he treats others…and suddenly he’s not so good looking anymore.

The opposite is true as well.

We all know that one wonderful person that’s not going to be on a magazine cover anytime soon but they appear so beautiful to us.

That’s what’s called “Soul beauty”.

So as I attempt to makeover my projects this year and make them beautiful on the outside; my more important resolution is to allow Jesus to continue His refining work in me so I can be beautiful on the inside.

Each morning I read a verse from the bible. Today, the daily verse was 2 Corinthians 5:17.

“If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new!” New Century Version

Love, love, love this verse! Who doesn’t want to be made new.

Women especially are trying to be made new – new lipstick shade, new color hair (which I recently did and that’s another story).

But God’s talking about the inside, the very core of who we are. He wants to make it new. In fact, He’s the only one that can make it new.


So my mantra for 2014 is – more of Jesus, less of me = soul beauty.

Now back to those projects, I know you have them too! As you strip, take apart, put back together, paint, create and make a mess in the name of artistry; may you consider letting Jesus renew and repurpose you this year.

Pile of pending projects.

Pile of pending projects.

Till the next time,


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