Along with some other really great finds!

Goodwill is a super source for those of us that enjoy the renew and repurpose style of decorating.

And every Goodwill has its own personality depending on its location. I’ve noticed that pricing can vary as well.  What to do? Haunt all locations close to you and maybe a few not so close to you for the ultimate pickin’.

With regard to Jesus, I was going through the huge pile of frames and pictures when I spotted a very nice painting of Jesus that someone painted. They did a really nice job. I’m assuming it was Jesus, either that or someone has a relative out there that’s a dead ringer for the stereo-typical Jesus we see portrayed in pictures.

I kept looking through the pile and felt kinda bad that I didn’t put the picture of Jesus in my cart. Should I buy it?  What kind of person would I be if I didn’t?  Will God heap extra blessings on me if I buy it or will thunder clash because I put it back?

(this particular visit to Goodwill was a little stressful)

So….I didn’t buy it and I felt ok about that. I put Jesus back in the pile. After all, I thought, I have my own picture of Jesus in my office. Besides, someone else might need to find Jesus at Goodwill today.

Here are some Goodwill treasures before and after.

$6.99 Ugly with potential

$6.99 Ugly with potential

Valspar- Pine Green Oilcloth fabric - Heather Bailey - Free Spirit, Nicey Jane.

Valspar- Pine Green
Oilcloth fabric – Heather Bailey – FreeSpirit, Nicey Jane.

Liked the lattice frame

Liked the lattice frame

It looks happy now.

It looks happy now.

My own pic of Jesus. He looks like he's checking out the paint chips!

My own pic of Jesus. He looks like he’s checking out the Annie Sloan paint chips!

Till the next time,

Julie B.

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