I’ve always felt like I’ve had a good amount of faith.  But whenever anyone would share the incredible miracles of what God did for them, I’d think “well, that’s good for them, but that won’t ever happen to me!”   I was especially skeptical of those stories where people said they got an unexpected check in the mail…  Until it happened to me just a week ago.

I was thumbing through the stacks of bills and credit card offers when an envelope with a forwarding sticker showed up.  It had been sent to our old address when we lived in Oklahoma.  Inside was a check from the hospital where our 21 month old was born.  There was no explanation on the check, so I still assumed that this wasn’t really a miracle.  I called the hospital and they explained that we had pre-paid for pre-natal care and had not used up all the money.  It was truly a miracle!

Looking back at what happened, I realized that before the check came in the mail, I had the opposite of faith.  I looked up some words that are opposite, and many of them matched how I felt (and lived my life)

  • denial
  • disbelief
  • dissent
  • distrust
  • doubt
  • incredulity
  • infidelity
  • misgiving
  • rejection
  • skepticism
  • suspicion
  • unbelief

How easy is it for those things to creep in your life?  Hopefully you can join me today in practicing Faith and the words that are similar:

  • acceptance
  • belief
  • confidence
  • conviction
  • hope
  • loyalty
  • truth

Living these out today will help you put your faith in Christ and his promises, including this one:

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

-Philippians 4:19 (New International Version)

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