Just because you bought the membership doesn’t mean you’ll always find the best deals at Costco or Sam’s Club!  Carrie Rocha from PocketYourDollars.com has some good pointers to help you save more:

DON’T Buy:

  • Breakfast food like cereal and yogurt cups. Cereal is on sale at the grocery store 2-3 times per month at better prices and yogurt cups are often cheaper at neighborhood grocery stores.
  • Produce, bread, Ziploc bags. I can get better per unit prices on all of those things elsewhere.
  • Any big ticket item – TVs, mattresses, jewelry, even clothes and books. With a quick online search I can beat warehouse club prices nearly every time


DO buy:

  • Milk, eggs, cheese
  • Meat – my warehouse club often marks meat down when it nears the expiration date at really great prices
  • A couple of frozen things like frozen blueberries and edamame


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