Both of these things remind me of Thanksgiving; which in turn fill my heart with warm fuzzies and thankfulness.

It was in the late 80′s, so our hair was big and exteremly flammable thanks to Aqua Net.  Jennifer simply leaned over to ask if someone could pass the rolls and whoosh……a Thanksgiving bonfire.

The next few minutes are quite frankly a blur. All my sister and I remember is being in my Grandmother’s bathroom splashing water all over. We were in the downstairs bathroom by the front door, so we had enough sense to run to the closest source of water.

The splashing did put out the mini bonfire in her hair but I could see that Jennifer was still a little shaky.

I thought she needed to be slapped.

I’ve seen that done in movies. It’s supposed to help the hysterical person calm down.

She did calm down long enough to yell at me. But soon anger turned to laughter as the insanity of what just happened settled in.

So what thankfulness does this memory conjure up?

I’m thankful for my family. Mom, Dad, 2 sisters and oodles of extended family!

I’m thankful that I grew up in a home filled with humor and laughter.

And, I’m thankful that everything turned out ok.

So what about Peppermint Patty? What’s her deal?

2 years ago I sat down in the basement with my son Evan and daughter Olivia as they watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” for the first time.

Remember the scene where Snoopy is slaving away putting together a meal for Charlie Brown’s friends (who invited themselves over in the first place I might add)?

When the plates are magically flung out to all the kids, Peppermint Patty looks down and freaks out!

Now I don’t remember that part as a kid. It’s weird. But my kids started laughing right away and ripping into Peppermint Patty. How dare she complain? Wow, she’s not very grateful is she Mom? Poor Snoopy they lamented.

They’re right. Poor Snoopy indeed. He’s doing his best to make a good meal for them. He’s trying to save the holiday. He’s making due with what he has. Give the dog a break.

Peppermint Patty does come around. I think with a little help from her friend Marcie, who may or may not have eyeballs under those glasses, we’re not sure yet.

So what thankfulness does this memory conjure up?

I’m thankful that my kids noticed an “un-thankful” attitude right away.

I’m thankful that the fun and laughter I grew up with continues in my own home today with two ridiculously funny kids and husband.

And, I’m thankful for traditions.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t share the thing that I am the most thankful for; and that is Jesus.

Webster’s dictionary defines thankful as: ”conscious of benefit received”.

To know Him is to know peace. To know Him is to know joy. To know Him is to know that all my sins are forgiven and I’m free.

Thank you Lord. I’m eternally thankful.

Till the next time,

Julie b.’s  Peppermint Patty’s freak out!

Good grief Peppermint Patty!

Photo: Flickr

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