An exoneree is defined as one cleared of blame, a captive set free or to be free from a burden.  Darryl Burton is an exoneree.  He was falsely accused and served 24 years in a tough Missouri State Penitentiary before he was finally cleared and released.  It was a long, hard-fought battle, but not nearly as difficult as Darryl’s battle to be free from his justifiable anger, hatred and unforgiveness.  Powerful emotions that held him captive in a self-imposed prison.

Recently, Darryl shared his inspiring journey with the Life 88.5 Morning Show.

Darryl Burton Part 1

Darryl Burton Part 2

Darryl Burton Part 3

Darryl Burton Part 4

You can hear more of Darryl’s story through his website

Darryl Burton, exoneree




2 Responses to "Becoming an exoneree-a captive set free. The story of Darryl Burton."

  • Charles Harris says:

    What a testimony! This reminds me of Matthew West’s Forgiveness, Brandon Heath’s I’m Not Who I Was, and Jacob’s son Joseph. May this be an example for us all.

  • Wendy says:

    The words are so true!!! Darryl will make the most amazing pastor!! What a glorious witness to how God can work in ones life! His testimony is so moving and his passion for Jesus so clear! Thank you God for this man!!! Darryl Burton is fulfilling the promise he made to God in a time of extreme challenge… Not many live up to these, often times – empty promises, but this man is the prime example of what God created His children to do and how to live a life for Christ. Thanks 88.5 and thanks Darryl.

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