The other night, an incident that happened a couple years resurfaced at the dinner table.  My husband, one of my daughters, Leigha and I were discussing how Leigha was able to text me when she didn’t have anything to text me with.  She informed me that she used the IPad, which then was followed up by her father asking “well, why didn’t you just use your IPod?”  “Remember dad?” she said, “I lost it like a couple of years ago”.  (I had to throw in “like” because that’s “like” every other word in “like” her vocabulary!!)

Then the blame game began!  Kind of like Adam in the Garden of Eden blaming God and Eve… “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”

Well, ours went a little something like this:

Leigha playfully stated: “Well actually mom it’s yourrrr fault”

I put my fork down and sat back in the chair thinking let’s see how this plays out: “and how’s that?”

Leigha: “well, I had my hands in my pockets holding onto my IPod in the store”

Me: “okay, so you had your hands in your pockets holding onto your IPod?”

Leigha: “then in the parking lot, you rushed me by saying “come on” and so I started running and it fell out of my pocket”

Playfully stating and hoping I’d agree with her she threw it out there again, “sooooo, it was kinda your fault?!?”

Me being the mom, I giggled and said, “Um, No”

How often do we play the blame game with God?  Are you playing the blame game with God right now?  Maybe certain instances were brought on by your own actions, yet we still want to point the finger at someone.  Perhaps blaming God for the things that we brought on our self!  We try to teach our kids to own up to their mistakes or be happy with the circumstances, but are we living that out as well?  Think of Job and all that he had to go through.  Without sinning he accepted what came his way good or bad!

Job 2:10  Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

Maybe consider this…Once you stop pointing, you may just start growing!



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