Are your kiddos complaining already about the boring, cold lunches that they have to take to school?   Do you take your kids shopping to get them pumped up and let them choose items to put into their lunch only to grab the same ol’ things?  Me too!  It’s so much easier to throw a PB&J sandwich in with an apple and chips and call it good, right?

Well, if you are looking to spice up a cold lunch, making it healthy as well…Here are a few secrets that you can pull something from!

  • Get Kids in on the process by taking them shopping with you and letting them pick out the fruits and veggies they want for their lunch!
  • Use less containers, maybe one bigger container with compartments so they can see everything in their lunch! Also, let them pick out a cool lunch box!
  • Have a good mixture of different sized food w/ a variety of textures…such as yogurt with crunchy granola(that your child likes) for the topping
  • Don’t forget those food groups! Have a carb, a protein, a fruit, and a veggie, maybe cut them into fun shapes!
  • Reinvent leftovers! How about making grilled cheese croutons for tomato soup or use leftover hamburger for a soft taco

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