I’ll be the first to admit that I am a hugger!  To me, hugs make things a lot better!  They break down walls that we have put up and help us heal!

One Scenario: You married?  I know you can relate…

For instance, you might walk in the door after work and you already did 50 things wrong!  Sure you don’t know that you did it, but you did!  Probably because we had a bad day or sometimes…well as woman, we just don’t know why!  Guess what’s gonna make it better?  That hug you’ve been saving for each other all day!

Another Scenario: You have teenagers?  Maybe this looks familiar…

You’re sitting down at the dinner table having a nice, “Leave it to Beaver” family discussion and BAM! Out of nowhere come tears, silence, and maybe even some sounds you don’t recognize from your teenager.  What happened?  They were just fine and dandy one minute, the next you think “who is this person and what did you do with me child?”  Yep, that’s right just walk calmly over, don’t make eye contact, be on guard…then when you think it’s safe, go in for the hug!

Those are real, life moments that we can face (or maybe just me) and make light of, but hugs really do have an extremely positive effect on each other!

Maybe it goes way back to my youngin’ days when my grandma raised me!  I remember going out and about with her grocery shopping.  She would always introduce me to her “friends” at the store, which mostly consisted of the workers, other shoppers that routinely shopped that same day, and really any random person that walked by!  Once she said hi to her friend, she would then introduce me and have me give them a hug!  You see my grandma’s goal in life was to always be nice and put a smile on someone else’s face!  I remember her walking away asking me “Lauren, did you see that?  They left with a smile!”  So much wisdom in that!

If you think about it, hugging can do so much for you!  It can heal sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress!

If you want to know 10 reasons why we need at least 8 hugs a day, check out the full article from MindBodyGreen!

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