I would love to share with you the secret of losing weight. I really would. I wish it were that easy….

The secret to this losing weight battle is that there is no secret, just a willingness and a legit motive to become a better version of myself for God. I really don’t even enter the equation here except for having an obedient heart when it comes to what I should love the most in this life.

It’s all about my obedience to what I know to be right. It’s about my full surrender to seeking God’s best.

I know I make it sound so easy. Well it’s not. It’s a constant battle. Maybe you know about this. Maybe you don’t. But if you have ever had a battle with weight then you know what I mean.

It seems it’s not easier over time. There’s battle that rages daily for my obedience. Each and every day I must ask myself who will I submit my will to? Is it God or my deceitful desires?

Silently, the battle rages on, but the voice of Hope speaks.

I think there’s something very important about going at it with a very all-in attitude, cutting things off “cold-turkey” as they say, and just going for it. There’s a lot to be said about making some drastic caloric cuts to your daily intake.

I can’t forget that the support of my family and my friends has been very important as well as, plus a deep well of strength from my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’ve never had my own health coach – go figure.

The real change has been in my attitude. A significant shift in priorities towards food and a hope that it will last a lifetime. As I develop some muscle memory around this new perspective, as well as a psychological change, this shift has has me thinking much more positively about myself when I look in the mirror.

I no longer despise my physical self, which is a great start if you ask me. I just see a serious work in progress and I’m gaining more and more confidence every day. One step (or carrot stick dipped in hummus) at a time. My confidence in God’s perfecting progress is growing on me.

People ask me how did I lost 130 lbs. I will tell you one obedient bite at a time. I am still walking in the path of obedience. God is richly blessing my obedience. May I stay right here in the center of His will in my obedience. I am determined if nothing else to honor Him with my food choices.

How do you look at food? It’s a serious battle for me.

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