Ever have those days as a parent when you are too busy at the moment to things going on around you…perhaps your child who may just be needing a moment of your time?  Where you realized it later that words weren’t enough, but sadly, you were oblivious at the time. Ouch!  You too, huh?

Let’s call these “hug-a -tunities”…

The other day my middle daughter was having a rough day!  We’ve all had them!  Ya know, one of those days to where it keeps going downhill and nothing seems to go right.  That afternoon I could see it in her eyes, she was on the verge of tears!  Actually, she already shed a few not too long before that…these were the few still lingering that she was trying to hold back.  “Hug-a-tunity” #1…incomplete due to next stop of the day

Later that evening, we told the girls to come back from the park because we were done with our softball game and ready to leave.  As she whizzed by looking for us, I called her over.  She came running up with this worried look on her face saying downheartedly  “you’re not mad at me too, are you mom?  Cuz after today, I don’t think I can take it!”

“Hug-a-tunity” #2…incomplete due to tiredness and wanting to get home

Hopefully when we have those “ah-ha” moments and realize what we need to do as a parent, we act on them!  When I realized it the next morning, I was feeling horrible…ya know, playing “the worst parent ever” card in my mind!  How could I have not stopped everything and given her the biggest, most loving hug ever!  Especially when she really needed it and since I know what it feels like to just need a hug sometimes.

It’s never too late to act on something you should have done!  You kiddos will gladly take you up on any “hug-a-tunity” that you offer up to them!  I was reminded of the importance of slowing down, bringing it down to their level, and simply hugging them!  What love our children have for us!  Find a “hug-a-tunity” daily with kids…oh yeah, just don’t wait until the next day to do it!!

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