Change…Why don’t we want to change?

Change is hard. Do we not think that we are capable?

Do you trust God enough to bring great results from change? Or is it because we are afraid of change itself?

Those are some hard hitting questions that I have cross-examined myself with and the answers I came up with, before God, were not beautiful. All I had to offer God in these self-probing questions were my own lame excuses.

Excuses…one lame excuse after another.

Excuses were my offering to God’s call to change. It was at that point that I went my opposite way.

When it comes to change, I don’t like it anymore than you do. Change requires action to go the opposite way. We have the natural desire to do what comes easy and with the least amount of effort. And when I look at all the change that I need to make, I quickly become overwhelmed and shut down emotionally because it all seems so huge in my mind.

My mind escalates into a tailspin resulting in an apathetic and inattentive attitude, then when the idea of change comes, I am resistant to it. I don’t know if you have felt this way but….

God’s breakthrough came in spite of my denial that change was needed.

I am now going my opposite way.

Being healthy is a life-long journey and it keeps me undone most days. So there are daily choices I must make to be healthy. Daily. Sometimes hourly on those days when you are faced with Carder’s grandmother’s heavenly Buttermilk pie. Minute by minute, choices are present on one’s daily life menu.

What healthy choices are you looking for? What healthy choices are you needing to make? Healthy choices require healthy actions and changes. Will you go the opposite way?

I’m going to just put this out there…

Losing in my battle of the bulge has always been a spiritual battle for me. This is personal, this is serious. So when I say I need change, in the area of eating for example, it is usually connected to a spiritual truth that I struggle with as well.

Can I give you a little hope to change today?

What an awesome God we serve who loves us so tenderly that He cares about what we put into our mouths, our bodies and His temples?

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19

I have committed to go the opposite way that my body desires. I have sought out God’s best changes for me. This choice takes great energy as God has refocused my will and intention with God-honoring food responses. And let me tell you my struggling friends….

….this journey of good health is worth it. Worth it. Worth all the hard work, worth all the missed ice cream Sundaes, the chocolate, the chips, the bad healthy choices I was making.

God’s changes are always worth the journey it takes to get there.

Good changes and Godly changes require action. God’s changes require the opposite way. I don’t like telling you this because it’s a hard truth that I had to learn. And I know it’s hard to hear because you just want to be skinny. I know…I know…

You just want to be accepted.

You just want to be healthy.

You just want to be whole.

You just want your health problems to go way like a bad nightmare.

You just want to give up, because it’s so hard.

You just want…

You just want God changes to happen on their own, without your participation.

God is calling you to go the opposite way.

You may not even know why at this point in the journey…But if you are struggling with eating issues, then let me speak some truth into your life….if you want to get healthy, then you have to make some changes and go the opposite way.

Here’s what I DO know….

We have a God who loves us, so much that He cares about us. We matter to Him and it matters to God what we are cramming into His temples. It matters to God what his Holy Spirit dwells in. So what kind of dwelling are you giving the Holy Spirit?

Yeah…that’s what I thought. I had some changes to do also. I have gone God’s opposite way.

Dear God, bring your awareness of how we need to go the opposite way of our own selfish desires. Bring your holy changes to your healthy plans so that when people see us….God we say first….God did that…and in their wonder….God your wonder will be displayed. God bring your good, godly, holy changes so that we mirror You and your Holiness, for your glory…Amen.

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