Knowing that there are many needs in our world, and that Christ-followers like you become stagnant and self-centered if you don’t help others, God has given you many ways to serve others!

In many groups of Christ-followers (churches), a relatively small number of people carry the lion’s share of the load of serving others. Many others enjoy the benefits but don’t contribute much.

It is clear from the Bible that God has given every Christian spiritual gifts or abilities and gives them the power to use them. God wants you to use abilities he has given you—gifts such as teaching, serving others in practical ways, show special care for the disadvantaged, providing leadership, etc.—to help others.*

You can serve God in several ways:

By giving your “treasures” (money). How much am I supposed to give? There is no set amount. One Bible writer says we should give in proportion to have much money we make.** More importantly is how (with thankfulness and great joy) and why (out of obedience to God’s command) we give. Who should I give to? First to your local church then to others who are helping people in need.

By volunteering your time. Your local church and many nonprofit organizations need not only your money but also your practical help in many ways. We encourage everyone to get involved in some way in his or her local church.

By giving of your talents. Another way to serve others is to use the wisdom you have gained in your career to serve on church and community boards and committees.

*Romans 12:3-8
**1 Corinthians 16:2

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