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  • Cheri Curtis says:

    This song touches me deeply! I along with one of our teens, are learning to use ASL to worship in sign. This song makes even more of an impact in my understanding of what it means to read His word and study it passionately with the intent to live it and live it to the fullest!!!! To God be all glory, praise and honor!!!
    More than ever we need to be passionately seeking His direction for each day. Our community has recently experienced great loss. A family lost 4 young family members, 3 were brothers, the other a cousin to the brothers. Thankfully they were saved!!! We can have the peace knowing they are with the Lord. This of course does not take away the grief of them going home to soon. Prayers are needed.
    Another loss heard of yesterday was of a young man that was one of our sons childhood playmates. He was plagued with drug addiction and sadly lost his life. When I heard of this tragedy my heart went out to the family. Prayers are needed.
    On June 3rd My brother lost his life from bacterial encephalitis. He had reported a family update that he was diagnosed with (AML), He was taking his 7th dose of chemo. He requested that no sympathy be sent and absolutely nothing about prayers. He was not save as far as any of the family’s knowledge. Prayers needed for the family.
    So thankful that God is in control in spite of all our circumstances.
    His is! He was! He always will be!
    Thank you for Life 88.5

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