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Our children face more challenges and decisions today than ever before. No matter how intentional we are in raising them, when they head off to school, they face a world that is quite different than home. Establishing a routine of prayer for our children, their teachers and fellow students is vital.

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Upcoming Life 88.5 School of the Day:

May 21-25

Monday May 21 – Odessa Elementary (Odessa, MO) – Prayer request: for the students to have guidance and finish the year strong.

Tuesday May 22 – Barstow School (Kansas City, MO) – Prayer request: that the students show kindness and that the staff and administration feel the love of a job well done.

Wednesday May 23 – Chouteau Elementary (NKC, MO) – Prayer request: for the behaviors of the students and that the staff would know they’re making a difference.

Thursday May 24 – Leavenworth High School (Leavenworth, KS) – Prayer request: that students stress could be put to ease.

Friday May 25 – Whitefield Academy (Kansas City, MO) – Prayer request: for kindness every day in the classroom and that God’s love would shine through everyone.

Currently taking submissions for the 2018-2019 school year!

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Join Life 88.5 in praying for our schools each day.  Here are some things that you can pray with us about:
– Safe travel to and from school.
– Safety for the children while they’re in school.
– Wisdom for our teachers, administrators and staff.
– That the students would be kind to one another.
– That God’s truth would shine forth.
– That Christians who are in our schools would represent Christ in all things.
– That hearts and eyes would not be exposed to anything that would tempt them or try to get them to compromise their faith.
– Patience for teachers, administrators, staff and students in dealing with tough situations.

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