Melony McKaye
I was born and raised in Fargo, ND (yah, you betcha, uffda!) Originally interested in meteorology,  I got hooked on radio when I started at my college radio station.  To this day, Dad is still amazed I found a way to make a career using my “gift of gab.”

My radio journey led from Fargo, to St. Cloud, MN, to Minneapolis, to Orlando, and finally Kansas City.

As with radio, I began my journey of faith in college.  That was when I first realized my need of a savior and began a personal relationship with Jesus.  My husband David, a free lance musician and music instructor, and I affectionately call ourselves the McKaye 3-ring circus, as all three of our kids were born within 4 years! If you see us at events, you’ll know Abigail because she thinks she’s the boss, Michaela, will charm your socks off and Christian will try to engage you in any game just so he can run.  Finally, we can’t forget to mention Belle, the nocturnal Silkie Terrier and S’mores the dwarf hamster with amazing escape skills.  All together, they give me lots to talk about.

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T.J. Jackson
I’ve had a passion for radio ever since I was a little kid falling asleep listening to Royals games on the radio. I was the one who would actually broadcast while playing the old Tecmo Super Bowl games.

I’ve been a part of Christian radio in Kansas City for 15 years. In addition I also did play-by-play for UMKC Athletics here in Kansas City for 11 years.

My wife Holly and I have been married for 15 years. We have a very busy house with three active children; Chloe-12 Mia-10 and Ty-6.

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