Holiday Heroes

You can help bring a smile to a child’s face and a squeal of excitement this Christmas when you become a Holiday Hero. Life 88.5 is partnering with KVC and their Holiday Heroes program to help provide Christmas to children in foster care in KC! This year there are 4,200 wish list that need to be met! This year’s deadline is Wednesday December 13.

This is a perfect project for:
-Churches (KVC will even bring a truck to your Church to pick up your entire collection!)

You’re helping to make Christmas dreams come true for children in foster care right here in Kansas City!

From a foster parent- I was a foster mom who was a recipient of the gifts for my (at the time, 3 foster) kids…it helped tremendously because we didn’t plan on accepting a sibling group placement, but we were told if we didn’t, they would all be split up and go to different homes.  This was the saddest thing I have ever heard, so of course we accepted all 3.  Three kids, who didn’t (literally ) have underwear, socks, shoes, coats…after meeting their immediate basic needs, we could NOT afford Christmas gifts.  The donation of gifts allowed our children to remain together, and for the first time in their little lives, have a Christmas.  They didn’t know the gifts were donated, and they didn’t care.  They were happy to be safe, in a home with their brother and sister, warm, and loved.

Make this a Christmas a child will never forget when you become a Holiday Hero by visiting kvc.org today. (be sure to click Life 88.5)

Example of a wish list:

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