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On the job hunt?

Spring is around the corner. That means many of us will be doing projects around the house. Naturally, we’ll probably need to stop by our home improvement store. To keep up with the demand, the Home Depot says it plans to hire 600 associates in Kansas City for all types of positions. Jobs are for permanent part-time and seasonal…


Valentine’s Day: A day to heal the brokenhearted

Valentine’s Day. Some love it. Some hate it. Actually, most hate it. In a 2012 CNN article, Dean Obeidallah wrote, “Valentine’s Day is terrible for two kinds of people — those who are single and those who aren’t.” His point is that people in a relationship are “forced” to show love on that particular…


Amazing Grace: A special moment between mother and daugher

A beautiful moment between daughter and mother is caught on camera Seven-month-old, Louise has albinism and can barely see. However, she knows the sound of her mother’s voice. When her mother begins singing “Amazing Grace” and gets to the line, “I once was blind, but now I see”, Louise is overwhelmed with emotion…


Help for struggling Missouri families this winter

Many families struggle to keep the heat on during the winter. The Missouri Department of Social Services is releasing money to help low-income residents pay their heating bills. There are qualifications: family of 3 must make under $27,000 a year. You must not have any more than $3,000 in your bank accounts, retirement, or…


Give a family the gift of Christmas

Christmas is over, but a Kansas City ministry is already collecting artificial Christmas trees—for next year. The organization is called “Jimmy’s Trees”. Artificial trees and decorations are collected and then donated to families that can’t afford a tree. Tim Moses started the ministry several years ago in…


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