Growing in Faith

How to rehab faith

Physically, there are many reasons why people work out; one reason is rehabilitation. They were hurt or became ill. Rehab defined: “Treat or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness or disease to as normal a condition as possible.” So some people aren’t in the gym just…


Cheering with God’s perspective

The other morning while watching the Olympics, I gazed at the Russian skating team on the podium singing jubilantly at the playing of their national anthem and I teared up for just a moment. That has never happened before. Oh, I’ve gotten teary eyed a thousand times through the years when American Olympians have stood there…


Read the 1 year bible in 3 years!

Did you start 2014 with a resolution to read your bible everyday?  Or at least read it “more”? How’s that goin’ for ya? I don’t say that to criticize or make you feel bad. In fact, I hope I can encourage you! My daughter Olivia pointed to the book on the kitchen table – “Gosh Mom it’s…


Speak Life

tobyMac has a song that reminds of what I learned to do waaayyyy back when… It’s called “Speak Life”. And from the first time I heard it, it’s reminded me of my victory of when I started to give myself some grace. It has literally spoken life…to my heart and it has changed the way I feel about me,…


Partners in prayer

I was almost forty years old the first time someone prayed aloud on my behalf. Until then my prayers were neither personal nor powerful. Maybe you’ve experienced frustration and weakness in your prayer life too. You don’t sense any answers, you don’t grow in faith, and soon you just give up. My breakthrough…


I want to be a crab for Jesus

Joe came into my church office in south Louisiana many years ago just to say hello. Before he left, he handed me the plastic, souvenir key chain that was about the size of a coffee can lid. It looked like the type of large key ring that you would get when you wanted to use the restroom at a public service station and they wanted to make sure…


Do you have Faith, or the opposite of it?

I’ve always felt like I’ve had a good amount of faith.  But whenever anyone would share the incredible miracles of what God did for them, I’d think “well, that’s good for them, but that won’t ever happen to me!”   I was especially skeptical of those stories where people said they…


Renew and repurpose for 2014

Resolutions are running through my head, how about you? You can’t avoid it you know. Some people decree that they are not going to vocalize any New Year’s resolutions – thus decreeing a resolution for no more resolutions. Diet? Sure. Work out more? Yep. Same ol’, same ol’! But what about my insides? Should I consider how…


Today is the new start you prayed for

I must confess that I don’t make new year’s resolutions anymore. I refuse to make a half-hearted list of self-proclaimed promises to myself, and then get swept away by life’s currents of business and busyness. I only set myself up for disappointment and failures. If only we didn’t get distracted with…


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