Growing in Faith

The day I stopped reading the Bible

This “girls weekend” had been planned for a while, and I for one, was super-excited to get away with these two ladies. We had become quite close since our international mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We were headed out of town for a weekend of fun. Just the girls. Yes! With Google maps loaded on phones, we three…


God’s shelter for your storm

Several years ago, my son Jordan walked in the door with a scruffy looking dog in his arms. Truly, that poor thing was in rough shape. Jordan watched as one car after another whizzed around this poor, lost pup, barely missing him but certainly scaring him into chaos and confusion. So Jordan pulled his car off to the side of the road, put…


Why waiting on God is essential to faith

The other morning, while reading the 32nd chapter of Exodus, I relearned an important lesson. Moses was up on the mountain having a face to face encounter with God. This Israelites hadn’t heard from him in a while and they got bored waiting for him. Let’s look in at their response: When the people saw how long it was taking…


The work no one sees

Is it just me or do you think about your dream everyday? At least once a day, perhaps more? Or am I the only one who holds them close every day and every night? Maybe your heart is too tired to dream. Perhaps your hands are full of your heart’s hurt? Maybe there is just too much hurt inside that goes way too deep to even hope for a dream.…


Jesus and electric chairs

Imagine walking into your church, and instead of seeing the Crucifixion Cross prominently displayed, your eyes are drawn to an electric chair near the altar. Picture the cover of your Bible, with The Cross replaced by “The Chair.” The more you glance around, the more you notice the eponymous symbol for modern execution…



Her dreams: a family’s unexpected parenting journey

It’s so hard to now look at our beautiful 4-year-old and think that we were absolutely devastated just one week after she was born… You see… we had spent the nine months leading up to our firstborn’s birth planning for her future – we had envisioned her playing on Daddy’s basketball team, singing beautifully like her…


My opposite way

Change…Why don’t we want to change? Change is hard. Do we not think that we are capable? Do you trust God enough to bring great results from change? Or is it because we are afraid of change itself? Those are some hard hitting questions that I have cross-examined myself with and the answers I came up with, before God, were…


Wading through worry

How many days have you woke up with worry? Too many days to count? I love the charge that Jesus gives in Matthew 6 about the worry waters of life. Ever notice how He gives us instructions about what to do about worry? Side note: when there is a “Therefore” in God’s word, it’s a red flag to see what it’s there…


One Good Friday

The ladies hurried in and started removing items one by one. The lights were dim in the room that brought a quiet solitude. Everyone was reverently sitting and watching. One by one the candles disappeared, the flowers were next, then the cross that was centered on the veiled stone altar. In only a few minutes, nothing was left but the…


Some reasons to get out of bed today

If you are like me you are running on empty most days, and your to-do list just keeps growing and growing.  Most days are overwhelming with a cumulative list of tasks. Ever get to the point of thinking twice about getting out of bed?  The doorway to depression is often calling your name, beckoning your heart to just succumb to the…


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