Growing in Faith


Bart Millard of MercyMe shares his personal journey to grasping grace

Struggling with feeling like you could never measure up?  Has trying to do your best left you worn out?  Do you feel the pressure to not disappoint God? After serving in ministry for nearly 2 decades, lead singer of MercyMe Bart Millard felt the weight of those burdens, to the point he was ready to throw it all in and quit! Yet, he’s…


It’s time to step up

Our lives have a purpose and God created us with an intention. We read books, we hear messages, many blogs, and even more posts, that talk about how unique we are. When it comes to the dreams department though sometimes, it seems when we don’t excel in something we were at the end of the gifts and talented line when God passed out…


When fear has a face

Life is so much easier when we are not actually pursuing our dreams, but if God has placed something in our hearts, he will have our back as we press forward.


Momma said there’d be days like this

It’s been swirling in my heart lately. A black cloud of disappointment. And I don’t know why. And even after I pleaded God’s mercies to put feet to my prayers. Silence. “Stay here. Stay near.”… I have to wonder if that is how the children of Israel felt, when they struck out in obedience and didn’t


It just makes sense

For the past several weeks I have have been studying God’s truth about being “rich”, and exactly what God means in the different aspects of being rich–living the rich life as believers and followers of Christ. All God’s talk about being rich just makes sense. Let me explain: The bottom line to God’s…


How to rehab faith

Physically, there are many reasons why people work out; one reason is rehabilitation. They were hurt or became ill. Rehab defined: “Treat or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness or disease to as normal a condition as possible.” So some people aren’t in the gym just…


Cheering with God’s perspective

The other morning while watching the Olympics, I gazed at the Russian skating team on the podium singing jubilantly at the playing of their national anthem and I teared up for just a moment. That has never happened before. Oh, I’ve gotten teary eyed a thousand times through the years when American Olympians have stood there…


Read the 1 year bible in 3 years!

Did you start 2014 with a resolution to read your bible everyday?  Or at least read it “more”? How’s that goin’ for ya? I don’t say that to criticize or make you feel bad. In fact, I hope I can encourage you! My daughter Olivia pointed to the book on the kitchen table – “Gosh Mom it’s…

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