Grounded in Faith

Taking a Sabbath

Is a day of rest attainable and maintainable in today’s busy life?  Therapist, speaker, and seminar leader Dan Allender joins us to review the myths and traditions associated with the Sabbath.  We’ll rediscover God’s original intent for this day with a fresh perspective.  Find out about the joy that awaits as we discuss…


Lioness Arising

God has given women unique gifts for passion, purpose and prowess. What does it mean to be a woman in God’s kingdom? Susie Larson from Faith Radio  talked with author and speaker Lisa Bevere of Messenger International.  It’s a fresh look at her book Lioness Arising. Key Scriptures: Isaiah 28:6; Ephesians 5:21-25; Psalm…


Saying your prayers… or praying

I’m reading Anne of Green Gables with my daughters. In one scene, Anne’s adoptive mother, Marilla, exclaims to the precocious youngster: If you’ll be a good girl you’ll always be happy, Anne. And you should never find it hard to say your prayers. Anne simply follows up by stating: Saying one’s prayers…


Live “holy” in the moment

Reflecting back on 2012, I have some regrets. Don’t you? I should have exercised more–I gained seven pounds while writing my book. Ugh! I also failed to do some things I said I would and let some people down. Anticipating 2013, I fear the collapse of the economy. I’m worrying about how my new book will be received and hope that…

The "perfect" smile

Our nine-year-old has been practicing her smile for two days now. School pictures are this morning. She set out her shirt last night, along with a matching hair-clip and cubic-zirconia earrings. These things, she could plan for. But that smile? She’s not sure what will happen when the photographer snaps the shutter.…


When rocks cry out

I prop my feet on the rim of the boat. My fishing pole rests between bare toes, even though my father has told me since I was ten years old that no one’s ever going to catch a fish with her feet. If Dad sees me doing it this time, he doesn’t say so. Maybe it’s because he and I are both hypnotized by the lulling…


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