Melony & Wayne Shake KC video-18 locations revealed

Thanks to the thousands that helped shoot the Shake KC video with Melony & Wayne. Also, a big thanks to the many who viewed the video to figure out all of the places we visited.  Steve and his wife Sherry were the winners and now own the entire MercyMe CD library. Plus, Melony & Wayne will be delivering a feast for 8 from Oklahoma…



Join Melony & Wayne to Shake up the KC area!

At Life 88.5 we know you are passionate about your neighborhood, your community and your family.  After dreaming together for the KC area it’s time to Shake things up…it’s time for action.  Together we can have a much bigger impact on our community that any one of us can alone. If you LOVE the KC area and are…


If God is all loving, why do bad things happen?

Chances are you have pondered this question at least once in your life.  Maybe you’ve had a close friend turn to you in heartwrenching pain and ask you, “where is God now?” Actor Kirk Cameron has walked out his faith very publically.  Recently he spent a lot of time on his knees in prayer for the healing of a dear…


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