25 million Americans battle with and fight against some form of an eating disorder at some time in their lifetime. T.J. and Melony had a the opportunity to visit with Melinda Lericos, an LPC specializing in trauma and eating disorder therapy. Melinda has experience working with Thalia House and the Robin Foundation during her career.

Local resources available to those struggling with an eating disorder:

Resonate Relationship Clinic at 913-647-8092

Php: McCallum at 913-945-1277

EDCare at 913-945-1277

IOP: Thalia House at 888-913-1428

What exactly is the diagnoses of an eating disorder?

What are some warning signs to look out for?

There is a fight for our kids to be healthy, obesity is an issue on the other side, how do you find balance as a parent wanting our kids to be healthy?

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